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Written by Kai

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We won't get fooled again?

The changing face of US F1 television coverage

Sidepodcast: We won't get fooled again?

by Kai

I enjoyed the SPEED coverage when I first came back to F1 about 5 years ago. But then I found Sidepodcast and I heard the UK coverage for the first time. I did not know what I had been missing. I just couldn’t go back. SPEED had the three commentators sitting in a little room in Charlotte, North Carolina watching the world feed and timing and scoring. The pit reporter is the only one actually at the race.

SENNA comes to Netflix

Reviewing Ayrton Senna's story from a newer F1 fan's perspective

Sidepodcast: SENNA comes to Netflix

by Kai

As a fan of Formula One I have heard of the legend of Senna, and the rivalry of Senna and Prost, of course. I have seen replays of the accident that took his life, and theories as to why exactly he lost traction. But I did not know anything about the man. The documentary “Senna” opened up his racing life to me. Now I more fully feel the impact of his loss on this day, May 1, 17 years ago. I struggled with how to describe this experience today. How do I communicate the emotional impact that this film has had on me? I can’t really, but I’ll give you my impressions the best I can.

On track with Kai - Volume 1: Kai has her first track days

Driving the Lime Rock circuit with the Alfa Romeo Club

Sidepodcast: On track with Kai - Volume 1: Kai has her first track days

by Kai

We were wondering the other day how many of us have had any track experiences where we were driving, ourselves, in a vehicle of some sort. And by any experiences, we mean ANY. We'd love to hear about what you have done, even if you didn't think it was such a big deal. In fact, that’s why I am writing this right now. I did not consider a few track events in my own car to be anything of any particular interest to anyone besides me. Turns out others feel differently. So I’ll go first, and I can't wait to read about the track driving you've done and what you got out of it.