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I predict another riot

The 2014 Fantasy GP league is go, go, go

Sidepodcast: I predict another riot

by Journeyer

With the F1 season dawning upon us once again, the 2014 Fantasy GP on is now up and running. It's a fun and easy fantasy game: each player is given a budget of 75 million and must spend it on three drivers and three teams. You can change your line-up at any time, although there are some restrictions on changes from China onwards.

Arrivederci, Super Sic

Paying tribute to Marco Simoncelli

Sidepodcast: Arrivederci, Super Sic

by Journeyer

I was supposed to watch the Sepang MotoGP race. I had even watched the 125cc and Moto2 races earlier in the day. But then I was suddenly sent out on an errand, and that was that. Just as I finished my errand, I got the news that Marco Simoncelli was gone.

5 and 3/4: Looking back at title standings with 5 races to go and at the 3/4 mark of the season

What history can teach us about title championship battles

Sidepodcast: 5 and 3/4: Looking back at title standings with 5 races to go and at the 3/4 mark of the season

by Journeyer

On Christine's post regarding Sebastian Vettel, Stuart Taylor asked this in the comments: "Anyone know the lowest position an eventual champion has been in with 5 races to go? Lower than 5th?" It was a very interesting question and I decided to look for the answer. As things turned out, it was not as straightforward as it first seemed, so at Mr C's request, I decided it was best to write a separate post to talk all about it.

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365 F1 stories

On this day in '02, the FIA confirmed the Australian GP could go ahead for that year, but why had it been in doubt?

F1 team launches
Haas F1 TeamBarcelona, Spain21 Feb
McLaren HondaBarcelona, Spain21 Feb
Williams Martini RacingBarcelona, Spain22 Feb
F1 test schedule
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain22 Feb
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain23 Feb
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain24 Feb
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain25 Feb
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain1 Mar
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain2 Mar
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain3 Mar
Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain4 Mar

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