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Written by Jonathan Crummett

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Five US companies I'd like to see participate in F1

F1 returns to the US this year, but who could make great sponsors?

Sidepodcast: Five US companies I'd like to see participate in F1

by Jonathan Crummett

For whatever reason I have made the unconscious decision to be a fan of sports that America isn't so hot at. First there is soccer (football), then hockey, and now, Formula 1. There hasn't been an American driver since I've been following and the most recent chance for an American team never got further than constructing a nose from what I can tell. As an American, though, I can dream. Or ponder up a list of companies that I think it would be entertaining to see try to compete in Formula 1.

Rating the F1 race edits

A review of the FOM highlight videos from F1 in 2011

Sidepodcast: Rating the F1 race edits

by Jonathan Crummett

When I started following Formula 1 half way through the 2009 season the race edits were all I really got to see of the races. Starting Wednesday’s after a race I would incessantly keep checking the website to see if the newest video was available. Even now, though I try to seek out the actual races a bit more, even if it is a day or two later, the race edits still make up what I see of most of the races. A month ago, when I wrote my first Sidepodcast comment on the Rate the Race article for the Brazilian GP, it only took a few synapses to fire in order to get to 'Rate the F1 race edits'.