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Written by Guillermo Rozas

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Those who go and those who stay behind

Previewing the Dakar rally with a look at the people taking part

Sidepodcast: Those who go and those who stay behind

by Guillermo Rozas

We already covered the route. We already looked at the machines. Can you guess what's missing? Yes: people. The people inside and outside the race that make the Dakar what it is. To take part of the Dakar it's not an easy challenge. The heat, the (very) long driving hours, the lack of sleep, require that men and women in the race have a strong physical and psychological preparation.

Gimme two wheels, gimme four, gimme six...

An overview of the vehicles that participate in the epic Dakar rally

Sidepodcast: Gimme two wheels, gimme four, gimme six...

by Guillermo Rozas

In the last post we looked a bit at the history behind the legend that it's the Dakar, and we toured around the South American route for the 2011 event. Now it's time to have a look at one of the most important aspects of the rally: the vehicles. Although the Dakar has pretty clear rules about categories and types of vehicles, there is actually very little limitation on what you can drive around the rally (as long as it's safe).

The ultimate rally-raid adventure

A guide to the history and future of the challenging Dakar rally

Sidepodcast: The ultimate rally-raid adventure

by Guillermo Rozas

History says that it all began back in 1977, when French driver and race organizer Thierry Sabine got lost in the Libyan desert during a rally. He fell in love with the landscapes, the challenge, the immensity of the sands, and returned back to Paris with the sole objective of sharing his discovery with the world. A year later, the stage was set for the first Paris-Dakar to start...