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Written by Davin Sturdivant

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Red Bull Stratos Launch

Mission to the edge of space

Sidepodcast: Red Bull Stratos Launch

by Davin Sturdivant

Today is one of those days where the limits of human intelligence, imagination and sheer bravery will be tested. In about 30 minutes, professional Austrian skydiver and basejumper, Felix Baumgartner will be attempting to break the record of the highest free-fall on record while exceeding the speed of sound by jumping out a space capsule. He’ll be jumping 23 miles above the earth’s surface, three times higher than what most commercial jets cruise at. The air is so thin that he should break the sound barrier in less than 40 seconds. Why would anyone do this? We do these things because we’re human beings, and it’s in our nature to find our limits before smashing through them. Besides, the whole thing is sponsored by Red Bull and they love doing insane things like this.

Daniel's Day Out - A season review with a silent 'i'

Summaries of Ricciardo's races one word at a time

Sidepodcast: Daniel's Day Out - A season review with a silent 'i'

by Davin Sturdivant

Daniel's Day Out was invented from an off-hand comment made during one of the F1 Debrief shows in 2011. Seeing that Paul di Resta had Paul's Performance Report, I thought that it would only be fair for the other Formula 1 rookies to have their own one-word reviews as well. Christine had mentioned the title 'Daniel's Day Out' during the podcast and that was all I needed to want to help out.