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Liberty Media replace Bernie Ecclestone as Formula One chief

F1's leadership undergoes shake-up for first time in a long time

Sidepodcast: Liberty Media replace Bernie Ecclestone as Formula One chief

by Christine Blachford

Bernie Ecclestone revealed it himself first, that he was no longer in charge of Formula One, but new bosses Liberty Media soon followed up with the confirmation – they have officially taken control of the sport and their first task was to replace Bernie. The 86 year old’s tenure at the top is over, and although he still has an honorary title within the new organisation, it looks as though his day to day dealings with the sport are over.

Selection box - Bored drivers

A handy set of links for the Red Bull drivers with nothing to do

Sidepodcast: Selection box - Bored drivers

by Christine Blachford

Despite us only being a couple of weeks into the new year, the news keeps coming thick and fast, with changes of leadership in two of the top teams and the ongoing troubles at Manor. It's also Autosport International this weekend, so we're starting to hear news from the attendees as well, particularly if they are interviewed on the main stage. To keep you occupied if you're not there, here's a roundup of recent Formula One links that are worth your attention.

Selection box - A 15,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Some weekend reading as we ease into 2017

Sidepodcast: Selection box - A 15,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

by Christine Blachford

It's a brand new year, resolutions are being made (and broken already), and we're all starting to look ahead to the 2017 F1 season. Who will do well, who will step up to the plate, and let's be honest, will Manor even make it? Heading into the first full weekend of the year, I've lined up a handful of links for you to read, listen and watch, to make the most of your motorsport minutes, and stay up to date with what's happening.

Force India and Renault join the mid-Feb launch party

Four teams have now revealed their dates

Sidepodcast: Force India and Renault join the mid-Feb launch party

by Christine Blachford

Two more teams have confirmed when they will reveal their 2017 challengers, and it almost feels like each squad is waiting to see who else is launching, and then sneaking in the day before. We’ve had Ferrari on the 24th February, Mercedes then on the 23rd. Now Force India have announced we need to save the date of the 22nd, whilst Renault are keen to kick things off on the 21st.

2017's free to air races include Monaco, Britain and the USA

Channel 4 confirm their chosen live events for the season

Sidepodcast: 2017's free to air races include Monaco, Britain and the USA

by Christine Blachford

The Formula One channel-share that has seen both Channel 4 and Sky Sports F1 doubling up on coverage during the 2016 season continues into the new season, as the British broadcasters embark on the second of a three-year deal. Channel 4 will then secede rights to Sky Sports who take over as exclusive rightsholders from 2019, but before that, there is still some free-to-air coverage to enjoy.

Mercedes and Ferrari confirm 2017 car launch dates

Fiorano and Silverstone go head to head for launches

Sidepodcast: Mercedes and Ferrari confirm 2017 car launch dates

by Christine Blachford

The festive season is done, a new year is upon us and that can only mean it’s time to start looking ahead to the 2017 Formula One season. Two teams have confirmed the launch dates of their new cars, and whilst launches aren’t the big deal they were a decade ago, the all-new style of this year’s machinery means there will be plenty to look out for. Wider cars, bigger tyres and various aerodynamic tweaks will attempt to make the cars faster, and they should look recognisably different from the 2016 batch.

Don't drop back in anger

Hamilton's change of heart in the heat of the battle

Sidepodcast: Don't drop back in anger

by Christine Blachford

“If I am out ahead I want to be as far ahead as possible.” The eager words of Lewis Hamilton, who was ruling out the possibility of doing anything other than racing his heart out in Abu Dhabi. Red Bull chief Christian Horner had suggested it would be prudent to get out in front of the pack and then start to back the field up in an effort to mix up the position Nico Rosberg ended up with, giving Hamilton half a chance at taking home the 2016 World Championship title.

So long, Nico Rosberg

Another farewell to a long-standing F1 name

Sidepodcast: So long, Nico Rosberg

by Christine Blachford

I wasn't expecting to have to write three goodbye posts this year, but of all the driver retirement announcements, Nico Rosberg's was the real surprise. The World Champion of 2016 took only a couple of days to realise he'd reached his goals and wanted to step back whilst he was still at the top of his game. And why not? There's a lot to life and as much as we love and obsess about Formula One, it's not everything. Good thoughts and best wishes to Rosberg and his family, as he embarks on the next adventure!

Farewell, Jenson Button

Wrapping up the Brit's time in Formula One

Sidepodcast: Farewell, Jenson Button

by Christine Blachford

It's been a while since we had drivers voluntarily stepping back from their race seats, but 2016 has seen potentially three names doing just that. Jenson Button initially wanted it to seem like he was just taking a single year out and could be back behind the wheel in future seasons, but as the 2016 calendar wore on, it was more obvious that he was looking forward to the break and probably wouldn't be back.

F1 Debrief - He can just write his name in the history book and walk away

Pondering Rosberg's retirement and potential replacement

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - He can just write his name in the history book and walk away

by Christine Blachford

It's been a while since there was some sincerely shocking F1 news that made you sit up in your seat and do a double take. With Rosberg's retirement, it's only natural we took time out to talk about it, so coming up on this show, we accept the challenge of a listener, ponder outside bets for Mercedes, and the possibility of a fabulous 2017.

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