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Selection box - The colourful world of Formula One

From oil-based liveries to alphabets and race selfies

Sidepodcast: Selection box - The colourful world of Formula One

by Christine Blachford

We're starting to see F1 faces creeping from their winter hibernations and getting themselves ready for the season ahead. We've had three teams participating in winter testing, the announcement of a handful of launch dates, plus some engineering department changes up and down the grid. For fans at home, it's simply a matter of waiting for the fun to begin, and here are a few links to while away the hours whilst you do so!

Pirelli two-day wet tyre test sees McLaren struggle

Honda have engine problems as Kimi berates the tyres

Sidepodcast: Pirelli two-day wet tyre test sees McLaren struggle

by Christine Blachford

It’s a familiar story, the McLaren-Honda partnership failing to complete their testing programmes. This time, the team were participating in Pirelli’s two-day wet tyre test, along with Red Bull and Ferrari. The cars and engines in use were 2015-spec which goes some way to explaining why McLaren found themselves with power unit problems cutting one of their day short.

Selection box - Head to heads and history heroes

A collection of links from around the web to welcome 2016

Sidepodcast: Selection box - Head to heads and history heroes

by Christine Blachford

It's 2016, we're tentatively opening the curtains to a brand new year and a new season of F1 racing, and that means people are starting to talk, and more importantly write, about this year's sporting endeavours. Selection box makes a welcome return to highlight some of the little gems you might have missed over the last few days, this time including some thoughts on champions, a look at key designs from 2015, and a glance back even further at some old time liveries.

Renault change directors after Lotus takeover

Abiteboul returns to Enstone and complains about the engine regulations

Sidepodcast: Renault change directors after Lotus takeover

by Christine Blachford

The team based at Enstone is gradually shedding any reminder of its former life as Lotus and returning to its Renault roots. The upper levels of management have been altered, with Cyril Abiteboul returning to the fold along with Renault’s finance director Thierry Cognet. The moves happened in late December, and have pushed out Eric Lux from Genii Capital.

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