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Selection box - Already missing Alonso

The F1 world gears up for its first 2015 race in Australia

Sidepodcast: Selection box - Already missing Alonso

by Christine Blachford

With testing wrapping up in Barcelona, and the first race of the season just around the corner, the F1 world is in a bit of a mish mash. We're looking ahead to ponder what the year will bring, looking behind us to analyse what testing can reveal, and of course pondering just what is going on with poor Fernando Alonso. All that and more in this wrap up of F1 links and goodness.

Design for life

FIA clarify helmet colour clampdown rule changes

Sidepodcast: Design for life

by Christine Blachford

The FIA's recent revelation that they're set to clampdown on drivers changing their helmets too often was met with mixed responses - some keen on the idea of easier identification, others upset at the lack of creativity inspired by the governing body. Now, the FIA have clarified exactly what the stipulations will be regarding this particular piece of regulation.

Force India reveal 2015 car at second Barcelona test

Teams rack up the laps in Spain

Sidepodcast: Force India reveal 2015 car at second Barcelona test

by Christine Blachford

Force India have finally got the VJM-08 up and running, on the second day of the second test at Barcelona, and with just three days of running available. Nico Hülkenberg got behind the wheel for the first run of the new car, with an installation lap just before the lunch break, and then a full 77 laps by the end of the day. Chief Race Engineer Tom McCullough admits it was a big effort to get the car ready in time, and they’re just grateful to have had a solid first day.

Selection box - Two weeks to go

Testing action, helmet debates and who is Pascal Wehrlein?

Sidepodcast: Selection box - Two weeks to go

by Christine Blachford

Amazingly, the 2015 Formula One season is now just over two weeks away. Launches are done, testing is almost complete, and we're starting to see at least a pattern in the results so far, if not anything concrete. McLaren have struggled, Mercedes have cruised, Ferrari have improved, and the midfield looks set for a shakeup. That's what I think, but what does the rest of the blogging world have to say about F1 at the moment?

Teams back to Barcelona for final week of 2015 pre-season testing

Four more days available for analysis and preparation

Sidepodcast: Teams back to Barcelona for final week of 2015 pre-season testing

by Christine Blachford

Two weeks of testing so far have given us a few signs of what the coming year might be like. Mercedes are still strong, if not untouchable. Ferrari have improved, as have Sauber who have shown surprising pace. McLaren are very much on the back foot, and are now dealing with the repercussions from Fernando Alonso's accident last week as well. The Spaniard will sit out this final week, with Kevin Magnussen taking his place.


The Woking team rack up just 100 laps over three days in Barcelona

Sidepodcast: McBusted

by Christine Blachford

Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso are desperately trying to keep their spirits high despite the disappointments of testing in Spain so far. After a slow first week in Jerez, the McLaren team were hoping Barcelona would deliver better things. Unfortunately, their running was curtailed on Thursday due to a faulty part, and the replacements didn't arrive until Saturday. When they did, it turned out not to be the solution the car required, and more engineering is needed.

Mercedes recall Wehrlein as their drivers fall ill

Rosberg's neck aches and Hamilton has flu

Sidepodcast: Mercedes recall Wehrlein as their drivers fall ill

by Christine Blachford

Lewis Hamilton completed 11 laps of his schedule today before admitting defeat and going home sick. Running a fever, and with what Toto Wolff described as the flu, Hamilton handed over driving duties to test driver Pascal Wehrlein, who had already been loaned out to the Force India crew. Nico Rosberg could have deputised, but was himself struggling with an inflamed and trapped nerve in his neck - which in turn puts his own running for tomorrow in doubt.

Second week of 2015 running gets underway in Barcelona

Follow day by day updates of pre-season testing

Sidepodcast: Second week of 2015 running gets underway in Barcelona

by Christine Blachford

With four days of testing already completed, teams have a fair idea of what challenges they are facing over the final two weeks. Moving on from Jerez, drivers will get to grips with the Barcelona circuit - a track they should know well, and will be racing on later in the year. Force India will be participating this week, after skipping the Jerez action, but they've confirmed they will be using an older version of their car.

Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season available on Kindle and iBooks

The invaluable guide to the coming season at the touch of a button

Sidepodcast: Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season available on Kindle and iBooks

by Christine Blachford

The 2015 Formula One season might seem, on the surface, an extension of 2014, settling in after a year of upheavel. But delve only slightly further and you'll find a wealth of intriguing driver movements, fascinating new partnerships, and a whole lot of development still to be done. With a twenty stop calendar, nine teams and eighteen drivers to keep track of, the Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season becomes the ultimate F1 fan's resource.

Buy from Amazon - Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season

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