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Written by Carlos E. Del Valle

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Caterham quo vadis

Is the Leafield based team getting closer to the midfield?

Sidepodcast: Caterham quo vadis

by Carlos E. Del Valle

Among the Formula 1 teams that debuted in 2010, Caterham not only became the strongest one but also maybe the most popular. Caterham is also different from the others because they promise results, and he who promises, must deliver. They have a bigger budget, they have Mike Gascoyne, and their owner Tony Fernandes is a well respected businessman and leader. They are the only new team to have a grand prix winner as a driver (Heikki Kovalainen). Their promise in this case is to join the midfield.

How the F1 paddock uses Twitter

Almost all the current F1 drivers make use of the social tool

Sidepodcast: How the F1 paddock uses Twitter

by Carlos E. Del Valle

Now that both Ferrari drivers adopted Twitter, we have 21 out of 24 Formula One drivers present in the microblogging social network. Only three drivers have not started their profiles, but they are quite important names. All of them are world champions: Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Kimi Räikkönen. I would say it’s quite unlikely that any one of them will ever become a tweeter.