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There can be only '1'

Formula One continues to hit the big screen

Sidepodcast: There can be only '1'

by Bassano

When I first heard of the F1 documentary '1', I must admit I thought it was clinging onto the coat tails of the much publicised Ron Howard pic, Rush. I'm happy to admit, I was wrong.It wasn't on my ever growing 'to watch' list but being F1, my interest was piqued. Whilst I was probably never going to rush to see it in the cinema, I was lucky enough to catch it on a recent flight - boy was I surprised!

Race of Champions 2011

Pitting title winners and almost-winners against each other

Sidepodcast: Race of Champions 2011

by Bassano

Probably the last chance we'll get to see F1 drivers racing in anger until the season begins again, it's the annual Race of Champions. Drivers across many disciplines race in a variety of cars to determine the Champion of Champions on a purpose built, 2 lane track. The list of drivers and cars is too long to mention but they are both impressive and varied, more details can be found at the ROC website. The races are short but can be very tight, creating lots of tense action.

100 F1 fans go into a bar...

The Badger Bash for Brazil goes off with a bang

Sidepodcast: 100 F1 fans go into a bar...

by Bassano

Due to the unknown nature of how I was going to be able to access live F1 for half of next year, I decided to watch the 2011 finale in Brazil in style. When Badger GP tweeted that tickets were to be released for the live Badger Bash event, I was straight on the case. Essentially, take 100 F1 fans in a London venue, a 4 metre screen to watch the race, a quiz and some industry insiders to chat about the stuff we know and love and you have a recipe for success.

Ping when you're winning

Follow the Sidepodcast commentors with a new blogging endeavour

Sidepodcast: Ping when you're winning

by Bassano

Some of the regular Sidepodcast commenters have decided to use their creative energies and have created a 'home of random'. We thought we'd try to nurture a place where we could continue the off-topic conversation and share the odd link, funny discoveries and assorted gems of the digital era. That's as much of an agenda that there is at the moment, it's definitely a work in progress and it is expected to change according to the needs, feedback and ideas of the people that read and use it.