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Spanish Wednesday: 29th December 2010

A festive guide to how the New Year is celebrated in Spain

Sidepodcast: Spanish Wednesday: 29th December 2010

by Amandoloss

Hola y welcome to my Spanish Wednesday New Year's Edition which also happens to be the last Spanish update for 2010. Since the new year is approaching it's all about reviews, predictions and New Year's resolutions. I will not bore you with my own personal review of 2010, but I will tell you all I know about how the people in Spain celebrate the New Year. Pues, vamos! (Let's go then!)

Spanish Wednesday: 24th November 2010

Introducing your first Spanish lesson, motorsport style

Sidepodcast: Spanish Wednesday: 24th November 2010

by Amandoloss

A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion about the off season blues and how we could beat it. I came up with this idea and Christine liked it so here I am. Every Wednesday I shall provide you with all the newest news about the Spanish F1 teams, drivers and other interesting sports stuff from the Spanish speaking world. And since I am studying Spanish I will also introduce to you some Spanish F1/sports related words. I think it could be very handy, what do you think?