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Written by Adam Le Feuvre

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Game of unknowns

Join the Fantasy Grand Prix fun for 2015

Sidepodcast: Game of unknowns

by Adam Le Feuvre

The 2015 season is imminent, folks. Another 20 or so races, another bout of various controversies, poor strategy calls, iffy steward decisions probably some 'incidents' involving car number 13. And of course, Fantasy Grand Prix - the game where you get the chance to own your F1 team, hire some drivers, pick some teams and think of a name. You have to keep in budget too - you can't do a Caterham.

The Canadian Grand Prix live... in London!

Watching Formula One with a group of like-minded people

Sidepodcast: The Canadian Grand Prix live... in London!

by Adam Le Feuvre

The 2011 Canadian GP is near-guaranteed to be a massively exciting race - it's the first of the year to include two DRS zones and this is a track where overtaking was already more than doable before we had the new gizmos. Strategy will play a big part, especially in terms of tyres - the Gilles Villeneuve circuit is notoriously hard on rubber, so the rapidly degrading Pirellis will present quite a challenge to the teams and drivers.