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During our older shows we often played songs and audio loops. More often than not, songs can be heard in the background of classic F1 videos and on audio content.

This page is dedicated to the artists kind enough to allow us to play their music.

Video 1Rich ReichKeeping Up With the Race
All Mighty WhispersLove Revolution
Alice MarieIt's Amazing
Video 2NozzleLet Me Down
Bloc PartyI Still Remember
My Little RadioBeginning of the End
F1 GuideCedar FallsCar Crash
Video 4Ritchie HernandezSalsa Picoso
Video 5The K'sI Can't Get It Together
Video 6Derek K. MillerFresh Snow in the Valley
Video 7Kick in the CanAgain
Video 8Celine MastrorelliElle rentrait tous les soirs
Video 9NoodleboxLike You
Kelvin Declined42
Video 10PetzelCoaster
Video 113 Blind MiceYour Face is Not Enough
Allison CroweSea of a Million Faces
Video 12Brother LoveSummertime
Video 13Black LabMine Again
F1 HistoryFriction BaileyHope in my History
Video 14Yalsin KonukSonando
Video 15JahmilaAmandola
Video 17EtherealPlay Like Children
Video 18Fumitaka AnzaiForest in the Morning
Video 19Steve DoctorSouth China Sea
Video 20Zach AshtonOcean
Episode 40Celine Mastrorellicet inconnu face a moi
F1 PeopleNatives of the New DawnPeople
Days that Shook the F1 WorldDylan in the MoviesBetter Days
CausewayChange in my Lifetime
Episode 45Winzenried a.k.a. Hollywood DrunksLooking Backwards
Black LabRemember
Video 21Allison CroweThe First Noel
Video 22Manic Street PreachersAutumn Song
F1 and the WorldNo Plastic InsideAround the World
Video 24Jesse MalinDon't Let Them Take You Down (Beautiful Day)
Inside Track - HockenheimPaula ToledoFly Away
Inside Track - BudapestPlanet of WomenWaking Up the Neighbourhood
Forgotten F1 TeamsBloc PartyI Still Remember
Parade Lap - BelgiumBrother LoveTurn it Up
Love = ActionIn the Rain
Ayla BrownKnow You Better
PudgeChristine, Christine, Christine
Jennifer RichmanBetter Days
Jeff CoffeyWrite About Me
Parade Lap - ItalyAmy MacDonaldMr Rock & Roll
Ingrid MichaelsonThe Way I Am
Kristoffer RagnstamSwing That Tambourine
Lost in RomeKatherine
The MaineThe Town's Been Talkin'
Adrina ThorpeFly, Fly, Fly
Parade Lap - SingaporeMolokoSing It Back
Dylan in the MoviesCity Skies
Di SheldonWhat in the World
Jeff CaylorMoving Backwards
Ramin StreetsTraffic
Hampshire Guitar OrchestraLiberty Bell
Amy ReganCarry On
Ancillary F1Porter BlockSecond Wind
Parade Lap - BrazilZach AshtonOcean
The Surefire WayBrazilian Eyes
Robert HoughStanding on the Shoulders of Giants
Amy CourtsCompany
Brand New HeaviesAll Fired Up
Cassandra KubinskiI Am a Racecar
Jack JezzroBrazilian Nights
Video 25Jill ParrOh Come All Ye Faithful
Episode 89Cruelty FreeLooking Backwards
SunspotSummer Day
Adrienne PierceOne Perfect Day
Five Second RuleSnapshots
Inside Track - 2008 Season ReviewThe FutureheadsThe Beginning of the Twist
The MaineWe Change, We Wait
Bloc PartyFlux
Episode 90Small Town SleeperCar Crash
F1 Digest 2009 Season PreviewChris TownsendBack Again
F1 Digest 2009Nick MurrayPodcast Background Music - Loop 6
Parade Lap - Spain GPBlack LabSee The Sun
Geoff SmithSet the Music Free
Dylan in the MoviesMomentary Breakdown
Munkey JuiceSpanish Rose
Parade Lap - Monaco GPPapermoonLast Laugh
Gregory MotzenbeckerRound and Round
Edwin DerricuttWrite Your Name
Douglas KayHow Can I Be Sure
Best of Sidepodpanel Series 1Don't Harass BettyQuestions Asked
Best of Sidepodpanel Series 2Jason HarwellColor Outside the Lines
Parade Lap - Turkey GPJason HarrodThe Sun is Up
Axe RiverboyCarry On
Stephen Kellogg and The SixersWhy Are You Talking to Me?
Amy MacDonaldMr Rock and Roll
Parade Lap - Britain GPJason HarwellColor Outside the Lines
Jode BonneyNo Regrets
GlasshouseOne Night in Your Skin
The Free PressThe Beginning of the End of the World
F1 SafetyHeadwaySafety
Parade Lap - Germany GPMan Born BlindSafety Net
MonkeemanGet High
the zero fiveShark Attack
Manic Street PreachersYour Love Alone is Not Enough
Parade Lap - Hungary GPArlis MoonWhatever You Want
Abbotfinney feat. Jeffrey AlanShow Me Something Better
Kevin ReevesShine
Brother LoveSummertime
Parade Lap - Europe GP3 Blind MiceI'm So Tired
CodaphonicNever Slows Down
The Minor LeaguesDifferent Planet
Parade Lap - Belgium GPAmy AyresAway From You
The ClintonsCome With Me
Sonny Combs and Kitty Kat RodeoAnymore
Ingrid MichaelsonBe OK

Unless otherwise stated, all songs available from the Podsafe Music Network.