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About Sidepodcast

Christine BlachfordSidepodcast is a creativity focused motor sport website, enabling better conversation through innovative application of technology.

From unrestricted, internationally available audio and video broadcasts, through to interactive discussion solutions, Sidepodcast continually pushes the boundaries of motor sport coverage.

Along with regularly delivering hundreds of gigabytes worth of data to consumers every month, the dedicated race coverage, inside line on paddock gossip and interactive roundtable discussions mean Sidepodcast has modern F1 all wrapped up.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Sidepodcast began life at the tail end of 2006, as a means for show anchor Christine and her many co-hosts to air their views on all things Formula 1. Starting out as a single news and opinion show, output has increased and varied year-on-year to form a network of more than a dozen live broadcasts, pre-recorded shows, and regular opinion pieces.

In depth podcast information is available on the shows in detail page, while the archive contains everything produced to date.

Sidepodcast is backed by a strong and prolific community, eager to take part in live phone-in shows, author fantastic content and write endless streams of comments. You too can be part of this brilliant community by joining in the discussion, getting in touch or volunteering your ideas.

Who is behind Sidepodcast?

Christine Blachford - Show anchor Christine has been a regular on the social networking scene since 2002 and she's been actively writing ever since. An avid follower of Formula 1 from early 2003, you'll find Christine putting her experience with words to good use as editor-in-chief of Sidepodcast.

Christine became interested in podcasting when the concept was still in its infancy. Her first foray into the world of podcast creation was through LibriVox, volunteering audio readings of books in the public domain.

Writing and producing her own podcast was the next logical step, and Sidepodcast came to life at the tail end of 2006. Not content with simply talking about Formula One, Christine has published four books surrounding the motor sport world, with more on the way.

In 2009, Christine sang the song Felipe Baby for Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley. BBC Radio Tees picked up on the track, played it to Rob and spoke to Christine about it. Smedley met Sidepodcast at the Silverstone Grand Prix and was very lovely about the whole thing.

Mr. C - Christine is joined by Mr. C. He never had plans to host a podcast, but Christine made him anyway.

Contributors to Sidepodcast

A total of 92 people have written content for this site. We are always keen to receive original pieces from fantastic writers. Please let us know if you are interested in writing occasional or regular content.

We do a lot of work for charity

Where possible, Sidepodcast likes to help out motorsport related charities. In 2009, the F1 community got together to take part in a 12 hour radio marathon to raise money for a good cause. Following the successful completion of the broadcast, the community voted to give all £680 of collected proceeds to the Wings for Life Foundation.

Wings for Life was founded in 2004 by Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. The team recognised the efforts of the radio marathon on their website.

In 2010, Christine made her first foray into running, and signed up to complete a 5K race, raising funds for the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust. Thanks to the kind support of the Sidepodcast community, Christine raised £231 for this very worthy charity. The Trust supports retired and injured mechanics after their time in motorsport has come to an end.

A short history of nearly everything

  • 2006
    • Christine blends the terms Sidepod and Podcast. One domain name purchase later and Sidepodcast goes live
  • 2007
    • A weekly audio show forms the backbone of the content, augmented by an initial foray into video production
    • Honda Racing provide us with posh-camping accomodation for the British Grand Prix
    • F1Minute, a sixty second Formula 1 audio podcast makes its public debut
  • 2008
    • Live commenting of all F1 sessions begins with first practice at the Australian Grand Prix
    • We podcast live from the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere as Honda Racing provide us with posh-camping accomodation for the British Grand Prix (again)
    • Live streaming of shows begins with a behind-the-scenes look at making videos
  • 2009
    • Sidepodcast is nominated in two categories in the 2008 Weblog Awards
    • Christine meets Rob Smedley at Silverstone, while Honda having quit the sport provide us with nothing
    • Sidepodradio raises £680 for the Wings for Life charity
    • The daily thread makes its debut
  • 2010
    • The most in-depth and accurate global driver ranking system ever produced (probably), appears for the first time
    • The all new Factbyte Factbox provides play-by-play commentary on F1 sessions
  • 2011
    • F1Minute iPhone app is released
    • Christine's first book 365 F1 Stories is released for the Kindle
    • 28 March becomes official International Day of Petrov
    • The final daily thread is published
    • We send out F1Minute stickers to anyone keen to spread the word and a set of stickers make it to the South Pole
  • 2012
    • A new Live Event system is unveiled
    • Christine launches the Pocket F1 Handbook
    • Live audio streaming makes a welcome return
    • A pilot episode of Radio Active F1 is aired
  • 2013
    • The all new F1 encyclopedia makes its public debut
    • New areas for the Scrapbook and Collections are created
    • We experiment with magazine-style article layouts
    • Sidepodcast becomes the new home of F1 Big Picture

Almost award winning

At various times, this site has been nominated for a number of awards. Here are a few of them.

  • Performancing Awards
  • Weblog Awards - Best Online Community
  • Weblog Awards - Best Podcast