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Post-F1 Paths - The entrepreneur

The commercial and creative world outside Formula One

Sidepodcast: Post-F1 Paths - The entrepreneur

by Christine Blachford

Hello friends and welcome to Post-F1 Paths, a mini series brought to you by Sidepodcast that tracks some of the options available to drivers once their career in Formula One is over – either by choice or not. Yesterday we talked about drivers who find it hard to cut ties with the sport, but today it’s a group that have turned their attentions to other endeavours – this is the entrepreneur.

Let a thousand engines bloom

An idea for Ross Brawn's consideration

Sidepodcast: Let a thousand engines bloom

by Alex Andronov

Ross Brawn is trying to deal with a tricky situation. Half the teams want budget restrictions, the other half don’t. Half the teams want engine restrictions, the other half don’t. They aren’t the same groups, there are all kinds of strange overlaps. Mercedes want the engine restrictions but not the budget cuts, Honda want the budget cuts but not the engine restrictions. They are all after their own self interests - as it ever was.

Post-F1 Paths - The comeback

Charting options available to drivers for life after Formula One

Sidepodcast: Post-F1 Paths - The comeback

by Christine Blachford

Hello, welcome to Sidepodcast, this is a brand new mini series called Post-F1 Paths, I bet you can’t guess what it’s about! I’m your host, Christine, and I’ll be guiding you through seven short shows taking a look at what drivers choose to do once they’ve decided, or it is decided for them, that their time in F1 is over. This first episode is based on something we’ve seen happen a lot in 2017. What to do when you retire from F1? Come straight back, of course!

Selection box - This era of teenaged whizz-kids

Which drivers are returning and which series' to keep an eye on

Sidepodcast: Selection box - This era of teenaged whizz-kids

by Christine Blachford

Usually, when I curate these Selection box links, I like to group together topics that complement each other, and split up the post into various sections of conversation. However, this time is a little bit different for a variety of reasons. Some motorsport seasons have finished, some are just getting started. Some of these links are older, some are brand new, and above all that, we're delving into a few different series rather than just plain old Formula One.

Rosenqvist wins second Hong Kong race after Abt disqualification

Spins and disqualifications for second round

Sidepodcast: Rosenqvist wins second Hong Kong race after Abt disqualification

by Christine Blachford

Felix Rosenqvist earned himself pole position for the second race in Hong Kong, but the Mahindra driver spun on the first lap and dropped himself down to 11th place. That was after a safety car start, where the cars trawled around for one lap due to a failure of the starting lights. The action got going, but wasn't as frantic as yesterday's race thanks to the extra laps and fuel saving required.

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