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What a difference a year makes

The 2016 championship draws to a topsy-turvy conclusion

Sidepodcast: What a difference a year makes

by Anna Duxbury

This time last year Rosberg was 73 points behind Hamilton, dispirited and doomed to watch his teammate achieve his second title in Austin. Fresh on the back of a DNF the rest of the season must have looked very bleak indeed. This time last year Sebastian Vettel was second in the championship and all the insiders and experts were talking about how 2016 would be the year where the Prancing Horse finally took the fight to Mercedes and might even win the duel in the desert. This time last year Max Verstappen was in 12th place with 33 points and had never yet stood on the podium. What a difference a year makes.

Race information - United States 2016

F1 crosses the pond for the popular Austin event

Sidepodcast: Race information - United States 2016

by Christine Blachford

For a relatively new entry to the Formula One calendar, the US Grand Prix has bucked the trend and provided some pretty good racing over the last couple of seasons. However, last year was something of a washout, with qualifying delayed until just a few hours before the race itself! This year, all fingers are crossed that we can have a sensible weekend, as there's enough going on in the sport to be concentrating on without the weather intervening to that degree.

Nico Hülkenberg joins Renault for 2017 season

The Hulk leaves Force India for pastures new

Sidepodcast: Nico Hülkenberg joins Renault for 2017 season

by Christine Blachford

It was rumoured a few days before the announcement but finally it became official as Nico Hülkenberg tweeted a picture of himself outside the Renault motorhome indicating his new friends for next season. The German has been with Force India for six years, with a brief sabbatical at Sauber in 2013. After four consecutive seasons with barely a podium to show for it, Nico has opted to move to the French squad for a multi-year deal.

Verstappen back on top form

Flying Dutchman splits Mercedes in standout drive

Sidepodcast: Verstappen back on top form

by Adam Barton

The focus was on the front but the action was further behind with great overtaking moves and tense tactical battles in the midfield. 13 thousandths made a big impact on the championship battle, as Nico Rosberg secured pole and Lewis Hamilton made a terrible start, slightly impacted by a damp gridslot, from which he would never fully recover and taking the championship hunt out of Lewis Hamilton’s hands.

You always have to look what others are doing - Christine's Rankings, Week 30

Fun and games at Suzuka, including origami, masks and more

Sidepodcast: You always have to look what others are doing - Christine's Rankings, Week 30

by Christine Blachford

It's a massive week for rankings this week, as the Japanese Grand Prix weekend appears to have brought out the more relaxed side of our drivers. We've got videos galore, of bursting balloons, folding paper, and sitting face to face with the BBC's Tom Clarkson. There's also points for messing about with a cherry picker, and being the man in the terrifying mask.

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