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Strength, conditioning, training - Christine's Rankings, Week 10

Drivers prep for the glamorous but tricky Monaco race

Sidepodcast: Strength, conditioning, training - Christine's Rankings, Week 10

by Christine Blachford

This week's points go to drivers who have been supporting and spending time with their friends and family, as well as participating in demos, interviews and events that help promote charities and the sport itself. I haven't dished out points for the traditional Monaco football game, because there were at least 14 F1 drivers present and playing, which would dominate the graph this week!

The night race manager

A new motorsport simulation for desktop gamers

Sidepodcast: The night race manager

by Lukeh

When it comes to running an F1 team I imagine that there's quite a lot to do. First there's getting an engine to actually power your cars, and not to forget the hundreds of people that work on said engine and chassis to make them work as well as possible. There are sponsors to appease too and plenty to do with promotional work to get that sweet money in. Don't forget the babysitting of drivers too, and even more so now with social media being so important to get the fan's conspiracy theories across. Wait - the catering too! How could I possible forget about the catering?

We always sit at the front too - Christine's Rankings, Week 9

Buying karts for kids and youngsters winning races

Sidepodcast: We always sit at the front too - Christine's Rankings, Week 9

by Christine Blachford

This week, the racing was all about Max Verstappen taking home his first win - but he only gets a small mention on Christine's Rankings after posting a couple of videos on Dutch and English to say thank you. Elsewhere, Kimi Räikkönen gets his first points on the board this year after participating in a Finnish initiative to buy karts so that kids can have a go for free and see if they get a taste for this racing lack.

Race highlights - Spain 2016

More first lap chaos as records are broken in Barcelona

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Spain 2016

by Christine Blachford

The sun shone beautifully over the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya today, and 66 laps of racing where completed by almost all of the F1 drivers. A significant first lap incident took out a couple, and some engine issues hampered others, but all the attention turned to the strategy of those in front. Who was on the right tyre at the right time, and who could make their rubber last to the end?

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