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Selection box - Two clear sides to this argument

Zipping around the web to follow the latest debates

Sidepodcast: Selection box - Two clear sides to this argument

by Christine Blachford

The British Grand Prix weekend gave us plenty to think and talk about, with the live in London event still causing a stir, the race under-delivering give or take a couple of surprising laps towards the end, and the huge swing in the championship battle. Along with that, we've got the recent announcement that the halo is, after all, the chosen cockpit protection device to be put into practice next season. This year is nothing if not packed, so here are a few links from the past week to keep you up to speed.

FIA push through halo head protection device for 2018

Safety concerns outweigh lack of support

Sidepodcast: FIA push through halo head protection device for 2018

by Christine Blachford

The FIA have revealed some findings from a meeting between the FIA, team representatives, and the strategy group, and they’ve decided to go ahead with the halo device for enhanced cockpit protection, despite the fact the majority of reports about the device have revealed little support. In February, the FIA admitted opinion from the drivers was split 50/50, but now they say it’s the way forward.

A nice butcher's look, mate - Christine's Rankings, Week 18

Practicing English, playing to the crowds and losing to the competition

Sidepodcast: A nice butcher's look, mate - Christine's Rankings, Week 18

by Christine Blachford

The drivers engaged in plenty of activities to build up to the British Grand Prix, including the last-minute but well organised London Live thing. There were also events going on at Silverstone itself, particularly for Force India who live just next door, and the crowd seemed to really engage with everyone throughout the four days at the track.

Renault rally for anniversary result

Hülkenberg puts in top display to survive unreliability... just

Sidepodcast: Renault rally for anniversary result

by Adam Barton

A slow burner nearly set the kitchen on fire in the final laps. While Lewis Hamilton strolled to a victory to prove he’s the king of Silverstone, it all went off behind. Ferrari had already allowed Bottas to steal vital points before the wind left their sails, and their left front tyres. Elsewhere there were some great drives to enjoy, especially from those starting out of position.

Hamilton launches Hamoji

200+ stickers to brighten your conversation

Sidepodcast: Hamilton launches Hamoji

by Mr. C

Today marks the international celebration that is World Emoji Day. Fittingly, as a man with his finger on the pulse of the planet, Lewis Hamilton just launched his Hamoji sticker set. Designed to work with WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat and other popular social channels, this massive library of Hamilton expressions in sticker form are a must for any fan.

Hamilton closes the championship gap to 1 point with Silverstone win

Last lap punctures spoil Ferrari's day

Sidepodcast: Hamilton closes the championship gap to 1 point with Silverstone win

by Christine Blachford

Lewis Hamilton took a comfortable victory in front of the home crowd at Silverstone, and with Sebastian Vettel finishing seventh, he has closed the gap to the championship leader to just a single point. Vettel suffered a puncture on the penultimate lap which dropped him down a handful of positions, whilst Kimi Räikkönen also had a tyre failure one lap before that. Kimi managed to finish third, though, so still getting on the podium, with Bottas taking that crucial second position.

Race highlights - Britain 2017

Catch up with all the action from race day at Silverstone

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Britain 2017

by Christine Blachford

There was talk of rain pre-race but it came to nothing as the complete race distance was run without a hint of the weather getting involved. Instead it came to strategy and tyres, particularly towards the end of the race when a spot of chaos kicked off with regards to the Pirelli compounds. There were a handful of good performances today, and a couple of great ones, and it all served to keep the championship battle on course and fascinating.

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