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Challenge accepted - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

The highs and lows of a brand new Baku race

Sidepodcast: Challenge accepted - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

by Christine Blachford

Heading to a brand new circuit means drivers get a fresh set of surroundings, and can participate in a lot of new local traditions. Rather than visiting the koala bears at the zoo like they do in Australia, or wearing ten gallon hats in the USA, this time it was all about weaving carpets. As you do. Also this week, points for sharing cute baby pictures and for getting feisty in the press conference.

Race information - Europe 2016

Previewing the brand new race in Baku City Centre

Sidepodcast: Race information - Europe 2016

by Christine Blachford

New races introduced to the F1 calendar of late have all had their own small controversies, and Baku is no different. The track itself however, looks to offer up a unique combination of challenges - intensely long straights, narrow streets, some incredibly twisting sections and a temporary road surface. It's going to be an unusual and difficult weekend for the drivers, which means we get to enjoy seeing them out of their comfort zone.

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