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Where's Wally with a twist // Max Mosley goes missing after vote of confidence

Published by Christine Blachford

Max won his vote of confidence and upset a lot of people along the way. I suspect the majority of us are disappointed, if only because it would have been great to see what happened without him. I was not at all happy with the result of the vote, but it didn’t take long to come to the conclusion that he’s never going anywhere, so we may as well make the best of it.

It’s been two weeks now, since he was re-voted. And have you caught a glimpse of him recently?

You can understand why he kept a low profile before the extraordinary meeting. Aside from the fact that no one wanted to be seen with him, he was probably doing his best to stay out of the papers as much as possible. It didn’t work, but he kept his job. Now, however, is he still trying to keep that low profile? Did he not hear the criticism of him not being able to do his job properly?

If it was me, and granted, I’ve never been in that situation (!) then I would be grabbing the bull by the horns and ramping up my efforts as head of the FIA. I would turn up at the MSA/McLaren launch and say Go Motorsport is the best idea since sliced bread. I would be near the podium at Le Mans clapping and cheering and saying what a triumph the event is. I would be shooting Bernie Ecclestone down (again) and saying there is no threat of a breakway.

And if there is a threat of a breakaway, I would be doing something about it.

Let people see that the FIA is still about motoring and motorsport. Show everyone that what happens behind closed doors doesn't affect how the President can do his duties. Get us talking about something else.

I suppose he has a plan, and it has worked for him so far, so he obviously knows what he’s doing. But now, I want to know what he’s doing. As long as it doesn’t involve, well, you know.

  • On the flip-side, can we say we actually saw that much of him before Spankgate anyway? In fact, the only time I think I can remember seeing him in the media during the course of last year was at Belgium following the whole McLaren scandal?

  • On the flip-side, can we say we actually saw that much of him before Spankgate anyway?

    Well, there is that. But he doesn't usually let Bernie get away with a dig without responding.

    And I just think now, with the questions surrounding his ability to do the job, he should be putting in the extra effort.

  • Aside from the fact that no one wanted to be seen with him

    True. But I'd love to take a photo with him, you know. Publicity stunt. All the websites would screaming "a well-known blogger the Blue Orange Lion aka my Fa fantasy shakes Mosley's hand - all F1 teams signed a note of protest". Something like this.

    Seriously though, GP1 is not a bad idea, GP2 and GP1 - makes sense.

  • You do usually hear about Max doing something or other, though - even if it's only attending some F1 rules meeting to discuss amendment 217 of the 2011 Technical Regulations...

  • Much of the debate around Max and that he should resign is little more than a masked expressions of hostility. The question that should be asked is his competency to continue in his role as FIA president. This in turn needs to reflect his performance against specific targets/outcomes the FIA expect to achieve. If one one outcome is to liason with various dignitaries and they do not wish to meet him because of his indiscrete personal life - this obviously impacts on his delivery as FIA president. If his role is to promote various policies (green technology, safety etc) without necessarily do the polite visits and talks [dialogue] he could probably still continue. Personaly I was somewhat unconvinced by his strategy for handling this situation(attempting to sue various people). Similarly I am unaware of him having done something explicitly illegal or that he had lied over the issues. In some ways I find his attack on Sir Jackie Stewart to be rather more grounds for concern, similarly his vendetta against McLaren and Ron Dennis.

    I suspect the role of FIA is being compromised by Max and the Spankgate scandal and therefore there are genuine grounds for him stepping down. Whether this is actually desirable depends on who takes over.

    Mosley let it be known that he felt that Ferrari's then-team principal Jean Todt should succeed him as president of the FIA when he stepped down.


    Is Max's wish that Jean Todt takes over the presidency going to benefit F1 and be impartial to the various parties? If the threat of Jean being president is a real possibility it is just sometimes better the devil you knew than the one you don't!

  • Max was photographed in Canada on the Friday but I get the impression he arived, posed and left.

  • In some ways I find his attack on Sir Jackie Stewart to be rather more grounds for concern

    Agree totally.

    And his ridiculous case against Martin Brundle, and the venomous statement on BMW and Mercedes when he was trying to deflect the attention on himself.

    Problem is, the 'vote of confidence' has shown Max that his job is safe no matter how bad he is, and presumably for however long he wants it. I can see him changing his mind, and running for election again next year.

    Is Max’s wish that Jean Todt takes over the presidency going to benefit F1 and be impartial to the various parties?

    I'm not sure that Jean will be worse than Max. At least he wares his Ferrari t-shirt loud and proud rather than in private like Max

  • In my book the President of FIA should both be the diplomat - entering into dialogue with various interest groups and be able to have vision for F1 so it remains both entertaining and relevent for our society. Does Max or Jean measure up to such a challenge?

    I’m not sure that Jean will be worse than Max.

    I suspect Ferrari's rather cosy friendship FIA will continue!

  • See in all this, this is what I don't get. I imagine the FIA dues structure is based on due on member size. (that how it is with most membership organizations of this type)

    If the Germans, Americans, Dutch, and the rest of the angry parties all leave, that is a HUGE bit out of his budget. I don't think Bernie is going to give the FIA anything more now, especially with Max stonewalling the new Concord agreement.

    Speaking of that, the new Concord is the 500 ton gorilla in the room right now with all these FIA teams. From everything I have read, Bernie and the teams are ready to go while Max continues to give them lip service and refuses to jump aboard the agreement. If I was Bernie, I would call Max's bluff. All those countries that signed the letter, along with the teams and sponsors are useful leverage against Max.

  • off-topic, but really... wow!…ted-z-baumgartner

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  • off-topic, but really… wow!

    Oh dear...

    I'm not going to beat that tonight... Not after a glass of wine (or two)

  • Oh dear…

    I’m not going to beat that tonight… Not after a glass of wine (or two)

    yeah... i'm not gonna beat that ever.

  • yeah… i’m not gonna beat that ever.

    damn i don't think i could beat that either!

  • Darn it, I really want that trip to Malaysia......Better practice some to beat that !

    In regards to S&Max - all the points you have made Christine are what a normal person would do.....

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