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When you try your best, but you don't succeed // Ralf Schumacher takes a test with Force India

Published by Christine Blachford

Ralf testing in Jerez

One of my favourite stories for a long time comes courtesy of Mr Ralf Schumacher. No surprises there, he is usually good for a laugh.

He tested for Force India this week, and let's be honest, he made a bit of a hash of it. He had mechanical problems (admittedly not his fault), he crashed and almost hit a tyre wall (probably his fault) and ended up at the bottom of the time sheets.

So, what do you do if you are going for a job and you have a really bad interview? Or if you want something quite a lot but realise you've ruined any chance you ever had? You pretend that you never wanted it in the first place, of course.

I don't think I will be driving for Force India. I want to achieve something and I don't think I can do that with Force India. I am going home now and we will see.

Bless his heart. We understand Ralf, we really do.

There were a few complaints here at Sidepodcast Towers about there being a picture of Ralf on the site, so in the interest of being fair and unbiased, here's another Force India tester.

Franck testing in Jerez

Order is restored once more.

  • That was a nice tribute photo for the retiring Ralf (pun intended). If I was Force India with a comment like that I would be somewhat peeved. Sadly I do not think Franck's chances were too great either. I had hoped Tonio would have done better, but he didn't - so hopefully Christian will get the seat rather than Fisi as I think he is more deserving.

  • No, Franck didn't have the best day either, and his post-test comments weren't filled with confidence. I continue to keep my fingers crossed though.

    I'm convinced Fisichella is going to get the drive, although I can't explain why, and I hope I'm wrong.

  • It is funny that you think Fisi will get the seat - I also think so and I hope that I am wrong (and not just because he will not let his daughter race). I was sad for Franck since he has had rather less opportunity to show his worth in F1 than virtually any other F1 test driver. The reason I think Fisi will get it is because he is quite a big name for a new team to have!

  • I feel Fisi will get it and Liuzzi will get the 3rd driver (unless Sutil is "the German" Mercedes is looking for to sit in McLaren :-).

    Have a safe journey home Ralf ...

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