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Video 9 - Britain Preview Special // A look ahead to the British Grand Prix, Sidepodcast's home race

Published by Mr. C

As the British Grand Prix is Sidepodcast's home race, we've pulled out all the stops to bring you the best F1 preview video to date.

First up, we've got exclusive footage from the recent test at Silverstone, where 9 of the 11 teams turned up to spend 3 days blasting around the English countryside. We also take a behind-the-scenes look at how mainstream television works with Formula 1 teams to bring fans closer to the action, when ex-drivers-turned-commentators Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell take to the Northamptonshire track in a pair of Williams F1 cars.

Additionally we have our usual fast lap around the circuit, this time Christine takes you around classic corners such as Copse and Becketts, names steeped in Grand Prix history - they don't build 'em like the used too. Finally we look back at last weeks French GP and check how the two championships are stacking up as we reach the halfway point of the 2007 season.

It's an action packed show!

Silverstone circuit map
Silverstone circuit map

Music played

Music comes from, with special thanks going to Allianz SE, ITV PLC, Locog and RTV GmbH, for the use of their video footage.

  • Great show guys, really enjoyed this one. Hope you both enjoy the race.

  • I'm with Scott, you really put that one together, well done, great show.


  • Full marks for getting video from the test day - looks excellent!

  • cheers y'all, was a bit of effort on both our parts, but we got there :)

  • I am really starting to enjoy your pod cast as it gets better each time around! I normally listen to F1 Weekly over here in the US but i would rate Sidepodcast on the same level if not better. Incredible job and hope you all have a great time!

  • BRAVO!!

  • i heard a rumor that ITV didn't play their martin / mark footage, because they spent so much time talking about hamilton??

    if this is true, the ITV F1 producer sucks, there's no excuse for that sort of bad production in modern television (live or otherwise).

    apparently the station will show the content during the next race, but what's the point of a watching a "Silverstone Insight" piece during the German GP?

    ITV = beyond useless!

  • Give them are a break. Don't you realise just how much they have to fit in to a broadcast? I'm sure, like everyone else, you thoroughly enjoyed the riveting interviews with Girls Aloud and Mr. Anthony Hamilton. Are you really prepared to wave goodbye to such enthralling pieces of television?

    The dads should be kept well away from TV cameras. In an ideal world, they wouldn't be allowed anywhere near race tracks. Check out this footage of the conclusion to last night's IRL race (WARNING: Contains excruciatingly embarrassing scenes of mild violence).…/player.php?v=697

  • that is a ruckus!

    i just watched the broadcast myself. following lewis through the excruciatingly slow lap, as he crawled around to the grid, might just be the most painful piece of television i've ever had to sit through.

  • I have to agree with Brandon Warren. Keep up the good work,get that new lab top as soon as you can.

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