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Inside Track - Kuala Lumpur // Preview the Malaysian GP with this week's video

Published by Mr. C

Once the Formula 1 season gets going, it seems there's simply no stopping it. One week on from the opening race in Australia and we're racing in Malaysia. Join Christine as she looks backwards, forwards and every way in between at the second event on the Grand Prix calendar.

Catch up with Trulli and Rosberg and hear their thoughts about the upcoming race, enjoy a fast lap around the Sepang International Circuit and remind yourself what went on last year. In short, everything you could possibly need to know about the upcoming race in under six minutes.

Special thanks to Allianz SE, Toyota Motorsports GmbH, Red Bull Racing, Honda Racing F1 and RTV GmbH for the use of their video footage and photographs.

  • technically a day late according to our schedule, but hopefully nobody noticed our second slip of the week.

    normally, you can expect videos to debut on tuesdays :)

  • Doesn't appear to be working here?

  • Doesn’t appear to be working here?

    could you give it another try pls?

    exactly the moment we hit publish, libsyn (who host the videos) decided to go all '500 server error' on us.


  • libsyn (who host the videos) decided to go all ‘500 server error’ on us.

    actually, looks like they're having a whole heap of problems right now... typical.

    have reverted to the dailymotion player until normality resumes.

  • Another good preview guys. Can't wait for this weekend sure it will be just as good as Melbourne and Ferrari will be trying to turn the table on McLaren. Loving the driver interviews.

  • Another good preview guys.

    cheers :)

    the server seems to have settled down a bit now. so we'll give it another go. if you have any problems viewing though, an alternate version is here:

    Sidepodcast Malaysia Video Preview on Dailymotion

  • Thanks for yet another job well done, Sidey!

    Can't think of anything useful feedback-wise. Liked what I saw/heard!



  • Likewise: I can't think of anything to improve either. These videos really do whet my appetite for the weekend, and its only Wednesday!

  • I wonder if matters at Ferrari are all well.

    Ferrari were in the dumps, despite spending billions on cars and drivers for years until Mr Schumacher arrived.

    Schumacher built around him a team that was based on who was the best available: without reference to nationality.

    Over the last two years: it has been dragged back to the team being primarily Italian: and now with the leaving of Jean Todt, it looks very much to me that we will see a lot more of the incompetence of the past.

    Those cars are fast, and so are the drivers: but a few more drop outs like Australia will dump the tifosi into prozac.

    I wonder if Brawn saw that coming and simply didn't fancy working amongst the backbiting and politics that drive everything Italian.


  • Hi Christine

    My team for Malaysia

    Mark Webber Red Bull Racing 6.40m

    Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber F1 Team 8.50m

    Nico Rosberg AT&T Williams 6.70m

    Robert Kubica BMW Sauber F1 Team 8.10m

    Sebastian Vettel Scuderia Toro Rosso 5.20m

  • Jarno Trulli : Occupational optimist. Brilliant.

  • Weather forecast for the race...

    In the 30C's, with a 60%-90% of rain... OMGFY!!!

  • The best news for UK fans!!! Formula 1 coverage is moving back to BBC!!!…a_one/7306123.stm

    So what do we all think?? good news or bad?? for me im thinking GREAT NO ADVERTS!!! We are gonna get to watch the WHOLE race! :D a greta start to the weekend methinks!

  • Two requests for the BBC. Please don't employ James Allen, and bring back Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" for the theme music!!!

  • The best news for UK fans!!! Formula 1 coverage is moving back to BBC!!!

    it's still march right? april didn't start already did it?

    for uk fans that is wonderful news.

    it's also good for f1 in general because it looks like bernie has stopped solely chasing the money for once. there's no way the beeb could justify license fee payers money on his inflated prices, maybe he backed the price off a bit?

    the man's going soft :)

  • "there’s no way the beeb could justify license fee payers money on his inflated prices"


    I wonder. ITV have lost a lot of money of late: and C4 is moaning about having no money: while Auntie seems to be doing ok.

    ITV was struggling (the football negotiations have started) and I was amazed at how few adverts there were shown during the Oz race.

    Whichever: its great news indeed.


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