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Gone in sixty seconds // Introducing the new F1Minute news in brief round up

Published by Mr. C

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I feel we haven't properly introduced our new daily podcast F1Minute. It was briefly mentioned at the end of the China GP show, but if ever a new podcast deserved its own post, then this is it.

So what's it all about then? Well, the official description is - A daily, sixty second audio podcast, that covers all the salient news points without any of the fluff.

The target audience is busy people, and those who'd rather not hear yet more regurgitated press releases. If you've ever wished that you could find the most important bits of news, without the hassle, then this podcast is for you.

Each weekday, the delectable Ms. Blachford trawls the newsvine for key stories and then sums them up into exactly 60 seconds of audio ecstasy. That may be overselling the idea a little, but it is flippin' genius, like one of those things you didn't know was missing from your life until you discover it.

Okay, I am biased, but if you don't believe me, please take a listen to the show at, or because it's a podcast, subscribe to the feed and syncronise daily. You'll recieve F1 news, in your ears, five days a week, every week, all year round. No messing about.

Update: Also now available, in the iTunes Store.

Bootnote: I'm sure I don't need to patronise anyone here by explaining the play on words in the title, but two people I spoke to earlier today completely overlooked it. Just saying.

  • Its a brilliant idea! i love to look through all the F1 sites every day but most of the time i can't because i get so much work, from either school or other places. Its a fantastic way to keep up to date! Well done to the sidepodcast team!!!

  • Thanks Lou, glad to be of service :)

  • Delivered at F1 speed! And not a single stumble - or did they just do retakes? Whatever, it's a great idea - well done Christine.

  • Great, Fantastic what a great way to keep up to date and a great addition to the already brill podcast

  • Thank you Christine!

    I have never understood why mainstream media is so afraid of intelligent women.. lead on!

  • Is it possible that a message could be sent by an unknown source switching the gearbox to select nuetral during a race?

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