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Friday Fun - Six word season reviews // Sum up the 2012 racing action in as short and pithy a way as possible

Published by Christine Blachford

When Friday Fun last took over the Sidepodcast off-season, Steven Roy brought along a popular internet meme with an F1 twist - the six word memoir. It's straightforward enough, you sum something up in exactly six words.

Some of the highlights of the previous Friday Fun include:

For Toyota RacingSpent too much, nobody cared anymore
For Brawn GPWe did quite well, didn't we?
For Nico RosbergI beat Michael, I am legend

For this year, with some off-season time to fill, Friday Fun is back, and first on our list is the six word game. This time though, I'd like your six word season reviews.

I know it will be tricky to sum up the 2012 season, believe me, I have a string of F1 Advent podcasts that prove it, but there is always a way! You can either tackle the season as a whole, focus in on individual races, or maybe even review a particular driver and their season. The choice is absolutely yours and you've got the comments below to share your six word creations.

  • Just thinking of a few on my lunch...

    Pastor's season: "Crash, crash, won, crash, crash crash"

    Kimi's season: "He knew what he was doing"

    Red Bull in general: "Newey not for sale; stop asking."

    In memory of HRT "No budget, no parts, no more."

    Lewis's shock move: "Sorry Martin, Ross has better hugs."

    A recollection of disbelief: "Valencia shouldn't be so utterly entertaining!"

  • Red Bull for 2013: "New KERS: Using Christian's leg bounces!"

  • Kimi's season: "He knew what he was doing"


  • A recollection of disbelief: "Valencia shouldn't be so utterly entertaining!"

    "Valencia and Abu Dhabi defied belief."

  • Michael's season: "Couldn't win, so decided to retire."

    Nico's season: "Won first GP, not much else."

    Mercedes' season: "Floating in a sea of mediocrity."

  • Felipe's final races: "Fernando knows I'm faster than him"

    Force India: "Whatever happened to Vijay Mallya's millions"

  • PdiR: "That helicopter interview again and again."

  • "Exciting races see Vettel beating Alonso"

    "McLaren reliability issues cost Hamilton championship"

    "Alonso lifts level of Ferrari higher"

  • "an f1 season of two halves"

    "silly season got sillier and sillier"

    "shiny HRT factory now stands vacant"

  • "silly season got sillier and sillier"

    "EJ in actually being right shock"

  • for kimi: "not all who wander are lost"

  • "EJ in actually being right shock"

    "as exclusively predicted by eddie jordan"

  • Schumacher: "It's the tyres, I tell you."

  • "Where is rubens? I miss rubens"

  • Alonso; "anyway, they still call me gladiator!"

  • Merc; "didn't work first time, gave up"

  • Season; "drivers took turns, vettel got greedy"

  • These are funny, keep them coming.

  • I love the 6 word meme. What a great way to start Friday Fun

    Maldonada or Grosjean "Crash bang wallop what a picture"

    I stole the words for that one

    Lewis "I just Tooned out of McLaren"

    Norbert Haug to Schumacher "Lewis is faster than you, bye"

    Nico Rosberg "Ferrari are never associated with me"

    Checo "What do I do now? ARGH"

    Ron Dennis "Whitmarsh let Lewis go to who?"

  • Take your pick of drivers: "Christine picked me again? Oh crap!"

  • Lewis "I just Tooned out of McLaren"


  • "Massa's smile is a welcome return" :)

  • Kimi: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

  • [Ooops. I can't count to 6!!]

  • [Ooops. I can't count to 6!!]

    Hehehehe! We get the idea though :)

  • Brassic Broadcast Choice, will miss Jake

  • Sidepodcast: FUFs, FBFB and features - FANTASTIC!

  • McLaren Pitstop, faster than writing this.

  • McLaren Pitstop, faster than writing this.

    Only sometimes!

  • Only sometimes!

    Well that one in particular.

  • Jenson Button "Number 1 at McLaren, Happy Lou"

  • I really quite liked this year.

  • Webber "Just another year watching Seb win"

    Vettel "So many wins my finger hurts"

    Hulk "Used the Force to impress Sauber"

    Heikki "The midfield is so far back"

    Stefanano "Hope Luca does not fire me"

  • Random at first then Vettel dominates

  • Bernie : "money, money, money, money, what fans ?"

  • Lots won, but Vettel champion again.

  • It was fun, while it lasted.

  • 2012 Season Review:

    "F1's credibility assassinated by Pirelli tyres."

    (Next, we do haiku?)

  • how i viewed things:

    Two Finns are here. One won.

  • How Amy really viewed things....

    Two Finns are here, OTHER won....

    How I viewed things: in shortened haiku form....

    Vettel need

    for championship

    five wins.

  • Not enough live races on BBC

  • Sauber: We nearly won a race once

    Caterham: We're just as fast as Marussia

  • Bruno - If only everyone thought like Brij -

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