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Formula 1 Telefónica Grand Prix of Europe // A new street circuit in Valencia, when there's a track just down the road

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The Valencia Circuit Blog today reports that this year's European Grand Prix will be sponsored by the Spanish telecom giant Telefónica.

The company are already title sponsors for the proper Spanish Grand Prix, so it doesn't come as a massive surprise that they'd be interested in a second race - especially after more than 38,000 people turned up to watch a test session last week.

Of note, it does appear that not everybody is as thrilled about the prospect of a race through the Spanish streets as we are though. Earlier today hundreds of protesters arrived in the city on bicycles, protesting about the necessary port redevelopments. The arguments against the race included:

  • There's a perfectly good circuit just up the road.
  • Construction congestion is making eveyone unhappy, and costs are impacting on public service expenditure.
  • Formula 1 isn't a particularly green sport and they'd rather not be associated with it, ta very much.

At least I think that's what they were saying, you can read more on the aforementioned blog. If your Spanish is better than mine, please feel free to correct or add anything I've overlooked (or got plain wrong).

Alonso originally argued that Ricardo Tormo would be a better place to hold the GP when the street circuit was first announced, and seeing as 10 Formula One teams just spent 3 days driving around the place, it can hardly be said to be in bad shape.

Regardless, what Bernie wants, Bernie gets and a street race it shall be. Indulge yourselves then, with this gorgeous 3D taster of a quick lap around F1's latest circuit:

Of note, the simulation lap time runs in at 1:43 which is a touch slower than the predicted 1:37, but not bad considering it's a 5.473 km track consisting of 25 corners and this orange beauty corners like a Challenger 2 tank!

  • Don't forget the video is a standing lap - so that'd add some time.

    Not keen on the track - way too many kinks allow for slipstreaming, and not many obvious overtaking places.

  • Don’t forget the video is a standing lap - so that’d add some time.

    ah-ha, of course.

    maybe that's the car trulli was referring too when he said someone had figured a solution to ecu launch control?

  • Hey...Hey...Hey... didn't those protesters hear... F1 is a green sport…. Just ask Honda who put stickers on their car to show they care and just ask BernieMax how F1 is encouraging green technologies by encouraging engine development ... oh wait...oh dear. ;)

  • Sorry, I meant F1 instead of "the FIA." Nothing ruins a good joke like horrible grammar.

  • Sorry, I meant F1 instead of “the FIA.” Nothing ruins a good joke like horrible grammar.

    fixed it! :)

    someone should point out to those protesters that it's our entertainment and enjoyment they're putting at risk here (clive, don't bite).

    seriously though, i imagine it'd be like FOM turning up in the uk and saying:

    "that silverstone is rubbish, let's rebuild birmingham city centre and run a race through there instead".

    in effect, that's what bernie says every year, but thus far it hasn't cost us anything extra or inconvenienced anyone. in valencia, i get the impression f1's becoming a bit of a pain in the arse.

  • What really gets me is that there are so many circuits that could hold a decent European race for equal or less money then it probably did to build the Valencia street course. Places like Imola, Brno, Brands Hatch, Zandvoort, Paul Ricard, A1 ring, and other could of been brought up to F1 standards for what it cost to build the infrastructure for the Valencia street course (more or less.)

    Better yet, if we are looking to build a street course somewhere... why don't we just put one down in downtown Helsinki. For producing Kimi, Mika, and Keke... it the least F1 management could do for Finland.

    Personally, I get the gut feel that this race might end up the same as what happen to the A1 ring. Where the locals put a ton of money to making a F1 circuit and as soon as the contract is up BernieMax are gone. These guys are so predictable it is unbelievable.

  • Where the locals put a ton of money to making a F1 circuit and as soon as the contract is up BernieMax are gone.

    agreed, although i'd amend that to say...

    " soon as Alonso is gone."

    for it is he that they're cashing in on.

  • What's Spanish for 'nimby'?

  • What’s Spanish for ‘nimby’?



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