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Feet Up Friday - It's been launchapalooza this week // From Caterham's livery to the hole in Jerez

Published by Christine Blachford

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In this week's show, we review some more of the launches - the good, the bad, and the very ugly! - and recap the highs and lows of testing in Jerez.

Running through each launch that has occurred since our last show, we relive the cuteness of everything Sauber and then the disappointing nature that Red Bull have started to show. We also talk about the merits of having a car with gull wing doors, and whether Toro Rosso are seeing red. Finally, we ponder whether launching at the break of dawn is a good idea, and talk far too much about shades of green.

Here, for those keeping track, are my launch scores so far.

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  • Loved the show! Got me through my gym session, and loved in the intro with Lewis and NIco! :)

  • There's a photo going around to explain the new Red Bull Colour scheme. All I want to say about it is that It involves a Red Bull and The Milka Cow.

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