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F1 Digest - Australia Qualifying // Third practice and all of qualifying is reviewed in this short episode

Published by Christine Blachford

The third show of our Australia coverage features all the action from Free Practice and Qualifying, your comments, and a roundup of what to expect for the race.

Free Practice 3

A shorter practice session, with hotter weather, and even more slippery track conditions. Towards the end of the session, the temperature spiked, seeing some unusual results.


The new style qualifying is similar to the old, but heralded bad luck for Räikkönen and Webber, and good luck for Hamilton and Kubica.


McLaren and BMW are in a strong position for the race, whilst Ferrari and Renault have a fight on their hands. Glock, Bourdais and Piquet are generally disappointed with the struggles they have faced.

  • wow my 100th comment in the last 30 days!! :D i really like F1 Digest - how did i ever cope without it?

  • I second that. Well Done Christine. Looking foward to the future broadcasts.

  • Ouch! Glock's been hit with some sort of double minor penalty (to borrow a hockey term...) and is now starting 19th! Good news if you have Kimi on your driver's role....

    Blocking Webbeer on the track? I thought the Stewards where supposed to be unbisaed?


  • Blocking Webbeer on the track? I thought the Stewards where supposed to be unbisaed?

    haha. very good point.

    webber has dodgy brakes and the support of the stewards, if i was another driver out there i'd steer well clear of the guy.

  • Sopcast 22191 Network Ten Australia

  • Sopcast 22191 Network Ten Australia

    cheers, we'll try an get it working.

    here's the link if anyone else's interested:

    SopCast 22191

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