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Jean Todt keen to keep FIA free from dictatorship // A look at the differing presidential styles

Published by Christine Blachford

Jean Todt keen to keep FIA free from dictatorship
Credit: Christine Blachford

This is F1Minute - Jean Todt keen to keep FIA free from dictatorship.

FIA President Jean Todt has spoken about his way of running the association, after speculation over the future of the FIA in regards to negotiations with the teams. Former President Max Mosley has been quoted on the subject of his successor, saying: “He’s got a completely different style. How effective it is, you can’t really tell... At the moment maybe he’s a little bit too reluctant to confront. He seeks consensus. It’s good to have consensus but sometimes you’ve got to get them just to do something.”

Jean Todt’s way of doing things seems to be working at the moment, though, as the FIA released a statement confirming that all the teams have seen a copy of the new Concorde Agreement and a constructive meeting was held to debate the contents, which the FIA termed as “fruitful.”

Meanwhile, in the Financial Times, Todt himself has explained: “For me, the FIA must have a bigger impact, not erosion. I’m not a dictator trying to control. The contribution and the role of the FIA has to be protected, to be respected.”