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Caterham and Williams face controversy over exhaust legality // Extra bodywork in the exhausts raise eyebrows in the Barcelona paddock

Published by Christine Blachford

Caterham and Williams face controversy over exhaust legality

Williams have only just launched their brand new car and are already stirring up some questions over the legality of their design. Both Williams and Caterham have opted for an addition to their exhausts that helps to direct the airflow to benefit the aerodynamics.

Williams have pointed to Caterham’s design and said it is illegal, but believed their was acceptable as it was not just one piece of bodywork, as the regulations ban, but two.

Technical Director Mike Coughlan defended their design at the launch of the car, saying: “You’re governed by the total aperture size and a single aperture. Ours is... joined by a very small slot, so it’s actually two pieces.”

Despite Mike’s protestations, it’s reported that the FIA have approached both Williams and Caterham to let them know they consider the designs to be illegal, with the governing body adamant the exhausts should not be specifically used to affect the aerodynamics in any way. Williams say they will be looking for more clarification, but if the design is deemed illegal, they have time to adjust it before the first race next month.