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  • 10:38

    What is it like to walk a lap of the Shanghai International Circuit on a Thursday? Conveniently enough the Lotus team can answer that very question, with a turn-by-turn photowalk on a rainy day. Cynics may wisecrack that this is the fastest lap Lotus will turn all weekend, but no us, oh no.

  • 07:26

    TweetTweet from @CaterhamF1: This morning the Shanghai circuit was engulfed in rain (bleeurghh) but it's doing its best to brighten up.. (not hugely successfully so far)

  • 07:25

    Reportedly, Luca di Montezemolo is intending to keep a closer eye on his F1 team, as the Ferrari President introduces new team principal Marco Mattiaci. Luca says: "I will help him, I will do like I did in the past: I will stay closer to Formula 1, I'll spend more time on it."

    So, if you thought he was already in the garage too much, giving the evil eye to his Ferrari minions, you thought wrong!

  • 07:22
    Credit: Twitter/Lotus_F1Team

    Yet more cake in the paddock, as Romain Grosjean celebrates his birthday today. Bon Anniversaire!

  • 01:48

    Autosport's Jon Noble confirmed that China is just as foggy and/or smoggy as ever. Hope he has some GPS on hand to find the circuit through that.

  • 01:45

    One of the first awake and tweeting from Shanghai is the previously mentioned Fernández who shared this post-breakfast piccie.

    @AdrianF007: Good morning from Shanghai, ready for work. Is an honor to be here.

  • 21:28

    It may only be Wednesday, but drivers have already begun their pre-race PR duties. Marcus Ericsson took time out today to meet some of the staff from GE China.

  • 21:19

    It could be worth keeping an eye on Adrián Fernández who makes his debut as an F1 steward in China. His appointment is a curious one given Fernández was until recently the manager of fellow Mexican, and Force India star Sergio Pérez.

  • 21:14

    Ahead of the weekend get yourself up to speed with a quick perusal of our preview of the Chinese Grand Prix - including anticipated conditions, circuit and tyre information, the schedule of press conferences and nominated race stewards.

    Notably, Friday's press conference should be interesting as it features Honda's chief officer of motorsport Yasuhisa Arai and the FIA's Charlie Whiting.

    Honda aren't directly involved in F1 at the moment, but will supply the McLaren team with power units next season. Presumably the press conference offers an opportunity for the governing body to defend new Formula 1 regulations against continual criticism coming from the Ferrari team and others.

  • 20:39

    Talking of cake, it looks as though driver diets are officially off the menu. Jenson Button shared his amazing looking slice of heaven after a bike ride in Tokyo yesterday.

  • 20:32

    China might be a tricky event to enjoy for regular paddock attendees, but you cannot fault the hospitality on arrival. Romain Grosjean received this delicious looking welcome cake in his hotel room. Mmmm!

  • 20:10

    Williams team principal Frank Williams celebrates his 72nd birthday today. What are the odds of either Bottas or Massa springing a welcome podium surprise for the F1 legend this Sunday?

  • 18:41

    TweetTweet from @PhilDuncanF1: "Hamilton has never won three on the spin in his F1 career. That's what he'll be aiming for in China.

  • 18:15

    Also news this week was the very sad resignation from Stefano Domenicali, who has quit Ferrari to be replaced by Marco Mattiacci. It's either a magnanimous gesture by Stefano, or he was encouraged to make the jump, but either way, Ferrari are hoping the reshuffle will see some improvement. They're currently fifth, FIFTH, in the championship standings.

  • 18:10

    Red Bull found their fuel flow appeal was rejected this week, so the racing can continue without that hanging over their (and our) heads.

  • 18:08

    Three races complete, and we now know that 2014 is going to be an intriguing year - if we weren't aware of that already. The first two races were stacked with reliability and regulation incidents, followed up by a cracker of a race in Bahrain. All of which only goes to raise the anticipation for this weekend's Grand Prix, taking place at the Shanghai International Circuit in China.

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