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Just wanted to say hi - Christine's Rankings, Week 9

Sneak peek videos give insight into driver mindsets

Sidepodcast: Just wanted to say hi - Christine's Rankings, Week 9

by Christine Blachford

It's been quiet on the rankings front this past week, the technological difficulties in China mean social networks have been used slightly less than normal. There was still time for some video insight, including a sweet little message from Esteban Gutiérrez and some odd but fun singing from Nico Rosberg. There was also a lot of cake in China, but I opted to hand out points for the champagne instead.

Rate the race - China 2014

Pick your driver of the day, and hand out stars for the racing action

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - China 2014

by Christine Blachford

It's that time once again, your chance to deliver the verdict on the race just gone. This time, the Chinese Grand Prix stands up for scrutiny, after what was an interesting, if not classic weekend. Coming straight after what was a surprisingly good Bahrain race, China had its work cut out for it. The race was the final one before a brief rest and then return to Europe for the next leg of the season, but did it tide us over nicely? Cast your vote now.

Team standings - China 2014

Mercedes rocket ahead as Force India drop down a place

Sidepodcast: Team standings - China 2014

by Christine Blachford

Mercedes have extended their lead to almost 100 points now, with the fight for second place very tight. Red Bull have jumped Force India for second now, but there are only five points separating 2nd to 4th. The gap to McLaren is sizeable as the Woking team continue to try and catch up. Williams are likely to be disappointed they couldn't increase their points haul by a big margin this weekend, but they're still so far ahead of where they were this time last year, that it's really nothing to be sad about.

Driver standings - China 2014

Alonso moves up to third as Hamilton closes the gap

Sidepodcast: Driver standings - China 2014

by Christine Blachford

Nico Rosberg keeps a tenuous lead on the championship, as he finished on the podium but came second to Lewis Hamilton. The difference is down to just four points. Meanwhile, the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso catches up and moves into third. McLaren's difficult day sees them lose places, whilst Sebastian Vettel moves up to fifth. Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas sit on equal points.

Race results - China 2014

Mercedes secure 1-2 in Shanghai with Ferrari on the podium

Sidepodcast: Race results - China 2014

by Christine Blachford

Lewis Hamilton didn't put a foot wrong during the Chinese Grand Prix, except for one tiny little off, that saw him turn pole position into his third consecutive race victory. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso had a good race with a podium result, after a collision with Felipe Massa at the first corner. The Williams driver suffered a hefty pit lane problem as well, which pushed him down the order.

Race information - China 2014

Facts and figures for the fourth round of the F1 season

Sidepodcast: Race information - China 2014

by Christine Blachford

Formula One this year is the Hamilton versus Rosberg show, and whilst the Mercedes domination is a concern, we've got a heck of a battle between these two stars. Their teammate track fight in Bahrain captivated F1 fans across the globe and was the icing on what was already a brilliant race cake. Now it's up to China to continue that trend and deliver something even better. No pressure!

Shall I just keep on cooking? - Christine's Rankings, Week 8

From cows to pizzas, taxi drivers to photobombs

Sidepodcast: Shall I just keep on cooking? - Christine's Rankings, Week 8

by Christine Blachford

This week, drivers have had some downtime following the back to back racing action that culminated in a hectic Bahrain Grand Prix. With the sun shining (mostly), they scattered, visiting home and resting up before the racing action gets underway once more. Points are available this week for behind the scenes videos, for cooking up a storm, and for spending time with the family.

Le Mans 24 Hours 2013 - Diary of a motorsport photographer

Getting stuck in at the famous endurance event pit lane

Sidepodcast: Le Mans 24 Hours 2013 - Diary of a motorsport photographer

by Lara Platman

As a photojournalist I am very privileged to attend some of the world’s most celebrated motoring events and the 24 Hours du Mans is indeed one of these. However, as a photojournalist I often find myself arriving at these events through some dubious means, often I hitch hike – (as I did on this occasion through Twitter) – or conversely arrive in fabulous style as I did with the Grand Prix de Monaco Historic (in an Aston Martin).

Pick and mix - From quiet to chaos in Bahrain

A tame start to the weekend, ending with penalty points galore

Sidepodcast: Pick and mix - From quiet to chaos in Bahrain

by Christine Blachford

For the past few years, I’ve approached the Bahrain race with a feeling of resignation – it is not going to be a classic but it’ll pass a few hours on a Sunday. As it turns out, this year, the racing was incredible. Whether it was related to the move to a night race, or just a handy coincidence, I don’t know, but from the moment the start lights went out on Sunday, you couldn’t spare a moment to blink.

Rate the race - Bahrain 2014

Make your vote count as you pick out the driver of the day

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Bahrain 2014

by Christine Blachford

It's judgement time once more, as the opportunity to vote on a handful of items from the race weekend appears. The Bahrain Grand Prix was something of a surprise, giving us an interesting race, some fascinating penalties and plenty to talk about in the fortnight before China. This is your chance to vote on the race itself, on the tyres and on the time of day, as well as selecting the driver you think did the best job on Sunday.