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Comment policy

Here at Sidepodcast, we welcome and encourage all kinds of comments. We love F1 insight and reaction from new fans and experienced fans alike. However, all good sites need to have a few ground rules, and these are ours.

It would be appreciated if you took time to read the following and take the points on board before leaving a comment.

Be Yourself

  1. Comments should ideally be written in English.
  2. Your name is used to identify you and your thoughts, it may be mentioned in future shows, comments or posts. Unique names make life easier for everybody.
  3. Email addresses are required for commenting, but they are neither published publicly, nor shared. We may use the email address to contact you directly in relation to the site or something you have posted.
  4. Remember that anything you write should be considered permanent. Your comments may one day come back to haunt you.

Be Relevant

  1. Consider commenting on Sidepodcast to be a conversation. A comment which does not add to the conversation, runs off on a tangent, or kills the conversation entirely may be edited or deleted.
  2. Comments should remain on topic of the relevant thread. If you wish to discuss a different matter, we very much welcome guest posts or are happy to continue the conversation on various social networks.
  3. For the sake of clarity, please no signature lines or footer text within the comment body.

Be Understanding

  1. Try to quote and link to reliable news sources. Nothing is worse than spending hours debating the contents of nonsensical news stories that had no merit being written in the first place.
  2. If you are quoting from a translated article, please ensure you link to the original language source as well.
  3. All comments are initially subjected to a spam filter. This includes your name, email address and website (if provided). If your comment falls into the moderation queue, please sit tight, we check on a regular basis, and will publish all legitimate comments.

Be Nice

  1. Strong language will not be tolerated. This is a family show and a family site after all. Be nice.
  2. No personal diatribes against anybody using the site, in the world of F1, or in fact anyone else at all.
  3. Experience suggests no good will come of discussions involving either religion or general politics. Such topics are best avoided.

Anyone who violates the above policy may be prevented from leaving further comments and might find themselves blocked from accessing the site entirely.

This is our site, we pay the fees and spend a considerable amount of free time working on this project. Think of Sidepodcast as our virtual living room. If you wouldn't say something to us after we invited you over for tea, you probably shouldn't say it in the comments.

Also, bring cake next time. We like cake.

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